Uniting the Community Through Art in Commerce City, CO

Commerce City, CO is a vibrant and diverse community that is embracing and creating experiences through art, music, theater, dance and cultural diversity efforts. The Cultural Council of Commerce City is devoted to encouraging, promoting and developing programs for the artistic, heritage and cultural enrichment of the city and its associated neighborhoods. One example of this is the Music in the Park summer concert series, which brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy a variety of musical performances. Furthermore, art exhibitions are held at recreational centers throughout the city, giving residents the opportunity to appreciate works of art from local photographers and art consultants.

The Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) South Platte Crossing Hub shopping center is also undergoing a transformation. A new building will be constructed with 60 affordable housing units, including several units for resident artists. This will provide an opportunity for local artists to live and work in the city. The Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) has also awarded a grant to help the Theater complete interior renovations to turn it into a performing arts center, an arts education center and a community center.

This will help to further unite the community through art and culture. The arts community in Commerce City is growing and evolving, providing residents with more opportunities to appreciate and participate in art. Through initiatives such as the Music in the Park summer concert series, art exhibitions at recreational centers and the ULC South Platte Crossing Hub shopping center, Commerce City is uniting its community through art.