The Role of Arts in Commerce City, CO: A Comprehensive Guide

Commerce City, CO is a vibrant community that values the arts and recognizes their importance in creating meaningful connections and inspiring conversations. The city's Cultural Council is responsible for managing public art and coordinating culturally diverse events, such as the annual Music in the Park summer concert series and art exhibitions for residents at recreational centers. The Cultural Council also works to promote, support, and expand creative industries to boost Colorado's economy, increase jobs, and improve quality of life. Creative economy subgroups include design, film and media, literature and publishing, performing arts, visual arts, and design and heritage.

This initiative not only highlights the work of local artists, but it also creates opportunities for community members to interact with art in unexpected places. Americans for the Arts serves, promotes and leads the network of organizations and individuals that cultivate, promote, sustain and support the arts in the United States. Colorado ranks first in terms of the percentage of residents who personally represent or create works of art, according to the National Endowment for the Arts participation study. In addition to receiving financial support, Arts in Society fellows participate in a community learning program through which they share knowledge and learn with like-minded professionals across the state.

The grants are awarded by a selection panel that seeks projects that best illustrate artistic excellence, broaden understanding of the role played by the arts in society, demonstrate intersectoral work, show cultural relevance, encourage community participation and offer opportunities for shared learning. Founded in 1960, Americans for the Arts is the nation's leading not-for-profit organization to promote the arts and arts education.