Uniting the Community Through Art: How Commerce City, CO Engages with Local Youth

The Cultural Council of Commerce City, CO is devoted to uniting the community by embracing and creating experiences through art, music, theater, dance, and cultural diversity efforts. By encouraging, promoting, and developing programs for the artistic, heritage, and cultural enrichment of the city and associated communities, the Council is able to foster social connection and incorporate youth voices into community conversations. The Lincoln City Cultural Center has outlined some of the ways in which the presence of art in the community helps people. Arts education can be a powerful tool for youth and community development, allowing young people to develop their identities.

Supporting local art culture is also important; when you buy local art online or at local art galleries in other communities, you are helping to create economic stimuli that go hand in hand with the promotion of interaction in public spaces, the creation of employment, and the participation of youth groups. This August, Adams County will be invited to experience the art of filmmaking in a new way during the Anythink film series, which will be screened weekly outdoors throughout the district. Art lovers can also look to the future as Commerce City's evolving art scene is starting to emerge. For more examples of how art education is used for community and youth development, read The Connected Arts Learning Framework. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce reminds us that community members are often reflected in local art or feel welcome in these social spaces, cultivating a sense of respect for themselves and for the place.

To ensure long-term effectiveness, ONOP GNV uses data collected by engaging the community in art-related events to inform key stakeholders and encourage innovative methods to advance this work in a youth-centered manner. The Connected Arts learning framework is one way that cities can conceptualize artistic programming to promote community development. Supporting local artists and local art galleries improves lives in ways that aren't always obvious but are just as imperative. A local photographer and art consultant has proposed converting an old 2,500 square foot auto parts store into a space for studios and exhibitions in the Derby neighborhood. Visiting a local gallery and buying a piece is not the only way to promote art and artists from local communities. Much of the art focuses on ideas of cultural exchange and understanding, which are incredibly important factors in communities as diverse as those in the United States. In addition to supporting local artists through purchasing their work, there are other ways to help promote their work.

Social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter can be used to share artwork from local artists with friends or followers. Additionally, attending events such as gallery openings or artist talks can help support local artists by providing them with an audience for their work. The Cultural Council of Commerce City, CO is dedicated to uniting its community through embracing and creating experiences through art, music, theater, dance and cultural diversity efforts. By encouraging artistic expression among its youth population, Commerce City is able to foster social connection while also providing an outlet for creative expression. Through initiatives such as The Connected Arts Learning Framework and events like Anythink film series, Commerce City is able to provide its citizens with access to meaningful artistic experiences that promote community development.