Discovering the Most Iconic Piece of Public Art in Commerce City, CO

Commerce City, CO is a city with a long-standing tradition of art and culture. From the Denver Art Museum to the RiNo Art District, there is no shortage of artistic expression to explore. Recently, a local photographer and art consultant proposed converting a 2,500-square-foot former auto parts store into a studio and exhibition space in the Derby neighborhood. Funding for the pieces was obtained through the municipal public art program, which represents 1%, and the Scientific Cultural Facilities District. Art aficionados can also look to the future, as Commerce City's ever-evolving art scene is starting to take shape.

From murals by renowned artists like Shepard Fairey to works by local legends like Detour, Casey Kawaguchi, Anthony Garcia, Pat Milbery and more, the neighborhood is a rotating art museum in its own right. But what is the most iconic piece of public art in Commerce City? It's hard to say for sure, as there are so many remarkable works of art in the city. However, one piece that stands out is the mural by artist Anthony Garcia. Located on the side of a building in the Derby neighborhood, this mural features bright colors and bold shapes that capture the spirit of Commerce City. The mural has become an iconic symbol of the city's vibrant art scene. The mural by Anthony Garcia is just one example of the incredible public art that can be found in Commerce City.

From murals to sculptures to installations, there is something for everyone to appreciate. Whether you're looking for something to admire or something to inspire you, you'll find it in Commerce City.