The Art Scene of Commerce City, Colorado: A Vibrant Art Scene

Commerce City, Colorado has a long and rich history of art and culture, and the emergence of a vibrant art scene is bringing it to the forefront. The Art-n-Transit program, based on RTD's belief that public art can help build a stronger connection between neighborhoods and public transportation, is installing artwork on transportation facilities. This helps to create a sense of community and celebrate the diverse cultural, ethnic, and historical richness of the many communities RTD serves. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the entire transportation system, public art also helps to discourage vandalism and graffiti. Commerce City was part of Arapahoe County until Adams County was created in 1902. The Southern Adams County Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1942, and Adams City was beginning to remodel with the construction of new homes.

Both highways crisscrossed Commerce City and extended east to where Denver International Airport is located. Lou Jaramillo and Marge Christiansen (the first woman on the Commerce City council) led gardening initiatives. Public artist Annette Coleman created the recent addition to RTD's Art-n-Transit program together with JunoWorks, a custom metal fabrication studio in Commerce City specializing in metal artistic and architectural works. Commerce City also maintains recreational centers that plan and organize a variety of activities throughout the year. On April 6, 1999, residents voted in favor of an initiative not to restrict growth in northern areas, allowing the city to double its population and providing great potential for residential, commercial and retail development. This has opened up new opportunities for artists in the area. Commerce City is home to the last drive-in theater in the Denver metropolitan area, the 88th Avenue Drive-In.

Built in the mid-1970s and located at 8780 Rosemary Street, it is a popular destination for moviegoers. The first fast food chain to be created in Commerce City was McDonald's, which opened a restaurant on September 22, 1980. A local photographer and art consultant has proposed converting a 2,500-square-foot former auto parts store into a studio and exhibition space in the Derby neighborhood. The art selection committee considered that the resilience of cacti was an appropriate metaphor for Commerce City. The art scene of Commerce City is growing rapidly as more artists are drawn to its vibrant culture and unique opportunities. With its rich history, diverse communities, and commitment to public art, Commerce City is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for artists looking for a place to call home.

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